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Writing Workshops

Weekend Writing Workshops

For ten years The Old Rectory hosted vibrant writing workshops under the wonderfully supportive and vibrant leadership of Fiona Keane  and Fin Keegan of Sixpens.

A time of pandemic and consequent Lockdown means that we are not now in a position to host group and communal activities. This coincides with a sense that as time moves on, so do we all and our time as hub for a community of writers working and interacting  has reached a natural end.

Each of us – Róisín, Fiona and Fin feel called to devote time to our own work and perhaps to giving more space to the contemplation that work requires. We would all like to express our very deep thanks to the many workshop participants who spent weekends and week-long periods at Old rectory with us and offered us so much inspiration, comradeship, fun and friendship and most of all the sharing of hearts and souls.

The Writer’s Cabin continues as a safe and secluded space in which writers, artists, musicians and anyone at all who wishes to take time out for themselves can continue to do so and to work on their own if they wish.

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