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Weekend Workshops at The Rectory in a variety of creative activities and in a small group setting.

Throughout the year we offer a programme of Weekend Workshops at The Rectory – hands on experiences and explorations for small groups of people in a variety of areas which nurture and enrich life.

Areas offered include writing, the visual arts, drama, music and personal development. We believe the art of living is for all. You can take new steps at any age or stage of development, young or old, inexperienced, well on your way, stuck in the middle, madly excited or jaded and looking for stimulation.


At Weekend Workshops we can sleep groups of up to 9 people at the Old Rectory , with additional accommodation (two double and one single rooms) available at the beautiful DANÚ by the sea.  Accommodation is in shared rooms of not more than 3 people. However our rooms are also available as singles.  For more see Artists Retreat.


All meals are provided in a communal setting in The Old Rectory.

For more see Artist’s Retreat and the “What Happens?” section below

Day Workshops

Weekend workshops can be attended on a daily basis without staying at The Old Rectory.


Full Board “Weekend” from €195 p.p. sharing. (See individual listings in “Programme” below)

Single Days (with lunch) costs from €70 p.p.

“Weekend Days”  may work on the basis of an optional second day.

What Happens?

Weekends  at The Rectory normally run from Friday evening until after Sunday lunch.

For those staying at The Rectory, there will be a welcome on Friday with soup and sandwiches and a chance to chat about the weekend.  For some workshops an introductory session will be held that evening.

Saturday work normally starts (after breakfast!) at 10 a.m. and continues until 1.00p.m. with tea/coffee and homemade scones during the session.

For lunch, homemade soup and bread with salad is provided. There’s time for a walk in the garden or in the country lanes around about if you’d like some fresh air and to draw inspiration from the world of nature. After lunch we resume for a session from 2-5 p.m. At that stage and for some workshops, some of you will not have any more time free. (See individual listings in “Programme” below). We’ll be sorry to see you go but that’s life. Others may be so fired up that they just can’t resist the chance to return next day to continue the work. An evening meal is open to everyone who wishes to share in it.  That can be a great time to make friends, discuss the day or the life or anything far removed from it. After dinner you may need to go home or to your room, get on with that work that enthused you earlier or take a break, play music or god forbid –  go to town. If you’re coming back on Sunday make sure you’ve made the best possible use of your time – whatever that may be! A variety of options may be offered on Sunday depending on the particular workshop. After lunch we’ll say goodbye and hope you had an epiphany, or at least a good time.

Programme of Workshops

details under Events


–  If you would like to run a Workshop at The Old Rectory please contact us.

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