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Our door is open year round to visitors who would like Bed and Breakfast.


Breakfast is a moveable feast. We will try to accommodate your needs as best we can. You can choose the full Irish option or a range of alternatives. We ask you to pick from the menu the previous night and arrange a breakfast time with us just to be sure everything is freshly prepared for you. Breakfast may be in the kitchen-diningroom or in the sunroom.  If we are by some miracle blessed with a heat-wave then breakfast in the garden can be on the menu too.


  • Fruit juice.
  • A choice of cereals and a fresh fruit bowl with yoghurt./
  • Porridge with seeds, berries, honey and yoghurt.
  • Then make a group choice from below:
  • Sausages, rasher, free range eggs, black and white pudding, grilled tomato and mushrooms./
  • Scrambled egg with smoked salmon, grilled tomato and mushrooms./
  • French toast or pancakes with honey, homemade jams, cinnamon, lemon, / rashers, grilled tomato and mushrooms./
  • Cold meats, boiled egg, tomato, lettuce, and cucumber salad.
  • Freshly baked bread and butter.
  • Tea (many varieties) or coffee.


See Artists’ Retreat for
  • On Arrival
  • Accommodation
  • The Kitchen
  • The Gardens
  • Taking a Break
  • In the Evenings
  • Getting to town
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